The “Healthy Food” That Actually Makes Your Diabetes Worse
Did you know that some foods you may be eating daily can rapidly spike your blood sugar to dangerous levels? In this article, we'll examine a “healthy food” that actually makes your diabetes worse. (This is shocking!)
By Judd Rednick – Diabetes Researcher and Author of Diabetes Smarts

When you have diabetes there are many “danger foods” you likely already know to stay away from. 

Most are obvious because they are known as high sugar and high-fat foods… you know candy, soda, processed food etc. 

But did you know many foods are perceived as “healthy” that can spike blood sugar? Sending a diabetic towards the danger zone…

Today I want to discuss one of these healthy foods in particular

I’ll give you a clue…  It’s a fruit but perhaps not one you might expect.

Can you guess?

I’m talking about the fresh and juicy Watermelon, a popular crowd pleaser across the world.

In fact, It is the third most popular fruit by sales volume globally…

Easy to prepare and perfect on a hot Summers's day…

The name itself sounds healthy right?

And like the name suggests it does have a ton of water content... 91% on average…

Part of the gourd family, Watermelon has good nutritional value.

It's also high in fiber, and is a great source of lycopene, which reduces your risk of cancer and heart disease…


Believe it or not, the humble watermelon has a ton of sugar…

Yes, it is natural – so better than fructose corn syrup for sure.

But its elevated sugar content gives it a high glycemic index.

This is a term associated with a quick rise in blood sugar after the food is eaten.

The higher the number on the glycemic index, the faster the rise in blood sugar. Watermelon's average 76.

Doctors recommend that people with diabetes should avoid foods with a number above 70.

This means especially if eaten in large quantities can spell danger for diabetics.

Some better options could be blackberries, strawberries or tomatoes,

So there are plenty of delicious, nutritious, and healthy options available to you…

Now I realize it can be confusing and very scary as to what to eat…

…And what not to eat when you have diabetes.

There is so much information about diabetes circulating and much if it is misleading.

Don't worry though... There's a simple process that you can use to protect yourself and fight diabetes from the inside out.

And it has to do with eating the RIGHT foods that naturally regulate your blood sugar. I'll show you how to find the EXACT foods that work with your body to fight diabetes (and the dangerous foods that don’t )

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