The Number ONE “Healthy Food” That Is The ENEMY OF DIABETICS (And What To Replace It With)
By Judd Resnick – Diabetes Researcher and Author of the Diabetes Smarts Program

Diabetes is the fastest growing metabolic disease on the planet

Affecting millions worldwide and killing thousands daily.

When you suffer from diabetes your life is full of restrictions…

You’re always told what to eat…

And what NOT to eat…

The experts will tell you to eat some of this…

More of this….

And absolutely NONE of that…

But what if some of the mainstream information you’re being fed is wrong…

What if you’re actually fueling your diabetes fire.

Making yourself sicker Just trying to do the right thing?

If you have diabetes

Many nutritionist and doctors recommended you eat high fiber foods,

This makes sense because fiber makes our digestion slower.

Slower digestion gives the large intestines a chance to absorb extra water…

Making your gut and stool healthy…

But here is where it gets cloudy…

Not all dietary fiber is created equal.

We should eat whole grains. That is what we're told.

…Eat wheat bread instead of white bread.

But is eating wheat bread- or wheat in general- really the best option?

Despite what you may have heard from many doctors or nutritionists…

If you’re diabetic or even pre-diabetic ---- WHEAT IS YOUR ENEMY!

And that includes whole wheat bread.

Now, It may surprise you to find out that this “so-called healthy food option” is NOT your friend if you’re diabetic.

Wheat is dangerous for diabetics because of the carbohydrates it contains.

This carbohydrate is called Amylopectin-A. It is not found in any other food…

The big issue is the carbohydrate in wheat is proven to raise your blood sugar level through the roof.

Sending your body into a tailspin….

Shutting down your body slowly over time.

In fact, Amylopectin-A raises your blood sugar higher than most carbohydrates.

And studies also show that wheat can boost your blood sugar higher and faster than even pure sugar!

What’s more, If you’re trying to lose belly fat…

It will be a constant struggle and uphill battle to melt off even a few pounds…

Add to that, various studies show that wheat speeds up the aging process

I won’t go into super detail here but this occurs because of "glycation" in your body.

And substances are called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE’S for short) and these do some serious harm to your organs, your joints, and cause excess wrinkles…

This is why often type 2 diabetics age faster and look older than they really are…

However, this is not just reserved for people with diabetes… Everyone is at risk!

Hard to believe I know… When I was first shown the science behind wheat and what it can do to my body… My jaw dropped…

Because as mentioned… for decades wheat's sold as the “healthy choice”

it has been a staple on the American diet for centuries.

Now, wheat does have some health benefits for sure…

Yet you can get many of these same benefits elsewhere.

Sure, you can eat a small amount of wheat if you choose.

But, you run the risk of boosting your blood sugar to a high that can be dangerous for diabetics.

So is there an alternative?

The answer is YES.

Replace Wheat with Something Even Better

So what can you eat?

You can't eat rice, white bread, and now even wheat is off-limits.

The answer lies in RYE.

Rye looks a lot like wheat, but it's normally darker.

Many studies show that rye is in fact healthier than wheat. Plus it tastes great too!

Compared to wheat, when you eat rye, your stomach will feel a whole lot more satisfied. (so you eat less!!!)

Rye doesn't only make you feel fuller, but it's higher in nutrition than wheat too.

Wheat is an ENEMY of diabetics because it shoots your sugar level higher than ANY other carbohydrate but that is NOT the case with rye.

Rye has sugar present in a complex form- as compared to the simple form of sugar in wheat bread.

This complex form of sugar DOES NOT instantly raise your blood sugar.

If you are craving bread, there's no need to squash that craving and make yourself suffer.

Instead of wheat bread and white bread, you can go for rye bread and gain a lot from it too.

You can buy RYE bread at any quality bakery or grocery store across the world…

There are also a ton of easy-to-follow recipes to make your own in the comfort of your own kitchen.

RYE has so much to offer you!

Rye bread, or even just rye, isn't short on health benefits.

Rye has a lot to give you, and you only have to add it to your diet to see that.

If you’re struggling to slim up your waistline and you eat a lot of wheat…

This could well be the reason why the extra weight has not come off…

As mentioned for diabetics rye also lowers the response of insulin.

And makes the profile of your blood glucose much improved…

Along with that, if you got diabetes from your family genes,.

Rye can help regulate the genes, but that is a story for another day…



  • Lettuce Wraps 
  • Whole-Grain Tortillas
  • Almond Bread
  • Ezekiel (sprouted) Bread,
  • Bread Pumpernickel Bread
You’ll find these great alternatives at any good grocery store.  Learn more about all the great HEALTHY food alternatives and option for Diabetics here


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Balancing and properly maintaining blood sugar. And fighting back the danger of diabetes - is a WHOLE LOT EASIER than you might imagine…

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