Top 14 Low Carb, Low Sugar Foods For Diabetics (Add These To Your Shopping List)
While reading today's article, remember that diabetes-related illness kills more than 4 million people worldwide each year. For many years most experts got it wrong. There are effective options to manage and even reverse type 2 and pre-diabetes. And today I will share them with you.
By Judd Resnick – Diabetes Researcher and Author of the Diabetes Smarts Program

As the old saying goes “you are what you eat”

I always took it for something your mom told you to get you to eat your veggies.

It turns out your dear mother was right. And in more ways than one.

In fact, new medical studies find the role your diet plays on your health (and diabetes)  is far more important than most people think.

Receiving the diagnosis from your doctor that you have Type 2 diabetes can come as a huge shock.   (And especially when you think you’re healthy and not overweight)

But here is what you need to know!

Type 2 diabetes is 100% reversible, and that’s pretty amazing. 

You can fix it.  You can completely rid yourself of this diagnosis and all the symptoms that come along with it. 

And EVEN better:  IT’S EASY when you know how.

You won’t have to take any medicine – you can do it all without any pills, and all it takes is your decision and commitment to live a healthier lifestyle.   Here’s how to do it, using the “more or less” mentality:

But where do you start?  

Whether you’re going on a keto diet, or you’re a diabetic,

Carbs and sugar are your ENEMIES.

Not to mention, they’re EVERYWHERE in food.

We love our bread and our sweets, after all.

Check out the list below for the WORST foods for Diabetics many of them are not what you’d expect (some even call them healthy)

Fortunately, MANY TASTY foods have little to NO sugars and carbs.

When combined with watching your nutrition and an exercise plan, these foods are GREAT FOR YOU.

They can KICKSTART your metabolism, fill you with energy, and even reverse your diabetes!

Sounds too good to be true? You’ll soon realize IT”S NOT!

These MEGA FOODS can help target the root cause of diabetes – helping you FIGHT diabetes in the most effective way possible.

Let’s dive in…

14. Eggs

Carbs: 1 Sugar: 0

Eggs used to be the “bad guy”… But new research shows they aren’t nearly as bad for

They are a VITAL part of cooking, be it for breakfast or for your mixing bowl.

Eggs are RICH in protein and have little to no sugars and carbs. In addition, they contain several key vitamins and minerals.

Some of the nutrients include lutwein and zexanthin.

What do these do?  In simple terms, they can help REDUCE THE RISK of blindness as you age. Since diabetes can have an impact on vision, eggs are wonderful.

With that said, some people are naturally concerned with how much cholesterol eggs have.

Luckily, current studies seem to suggest that eggs DON'T raise your bad cholesterol levels as much as many other foods. 

Some are now calling it good cholesterol as long as you don’t overeat them.

Most doctors are now recommending 6 to 8 eggs per week as part of a healthy diet.

But I know at least a few nutritional experts that eat up to 12 per week. 

Boiled, hard-boiled, poached or scrambled are just some of the delicious ways to enjoy them.

13. Salmon

Carbs: 0 Sugar: 0

Salmon is a fish that has ALMOST NO carbs and sugar. It’s well known for being a powerhouse in nutrition.  And boy does it taste good.

Omega-3 fatty acids are found naturally in salmon, and may help to REDUCE your risk of heart disease.

In addition, it has vitamin B12, which is important for your nervous system. Many diabetics have a deficiency of B12 vitamins, so salmon is a great way to counter this.

Salmon also contains D3, a vitamin that may help with bone loss, when taken with calcium.

So cook some salmon. Whether you bake it, grill it, or consume it another way, it’s great for you.

12. Chicken

Carbs: 0 Sugar: 0

Chicken has very little carbs and sugar and is low-calorie.

It’s rich in vitamin C as well, which may HELP with high blood sugar levels.

Of course, not all chicken is created equal. Chicken’s benefits are reduced drastically if you fry it.

In addition, nutrition can vary depending on how fatty the cuts are. Thighs are a fattier cut, for example.

Chicken is so versatile, and as long as you’re seasoning it properly and avoiding breading it. It’s a WINNER.

Chicken is so versatile, and as long as you’re seasoning it properly and avoiding breading it, it can go far for you.

11. Kale

Carbs: 3 Sugar: 1

Kale is a SUPERFOOD for a reason. It has slightly more natural carbs and sugars, but the nutrients it contains more than makes up for it.

It contains over 100 percent of vitamin A, which may help with your metabolism. It also has various other vitamins and minerals, too.

For a diabetic, kale may help to REGULATE your blood glucose levels and improve your eyesight.

This is scratching the surface. We could make an entire video about kale. Add it to your salad and get ready for health benefits!

Or, sprinkle some salt and cooking spray on it, and then bake for a tasty chip that’s better than the fried potato alternative.

Now I was never that big on kale's flavor BUT… hey it’s a nutritional powerhouse, kale has few calories, but plenty of nutrition.   So I have learned to like it! 

10. Avocado

Carbs: 4 net carbs Sugar: 1

The problem with many fruits is that they are higher in sugars.

Natural fruit sugars are good for you in moderation. However, not if you’re trying to have a diet that has as little carbs and sugars as possible.

Avocado is a kind of fruit that is perfect if you’re on a no-sugar diet.

Avocados have very little sugar, having one gram. Your average avocado does have 17 carbs, but with 13 grams of fiber, your net carb count is low.

Avocados also have potassium, which can help regulate insulin levels.

Plus, you can eat it in so many ways. Add it to a smoothie (yes this does taste good!), or put it on toast. The choices are endless.

9. Asparagus

Carbs: 2 net carbs Sugar: 1

Asparagus is low in sugars and carbs, with its fiber helping as well.

It’s a versatile vegetable. You can grill it, season it, and it goes great with any meal.

People love its flavor, too.  Even kids!

Asparagus contains vitamins C, K, and antioxidants that can help you live a longer healthier life…

So grill some up today and taste the benefits.

8. Sardines

If you’re looking for more seafood for your diet, sardines work wonders.

They are fish you eat whole, and you get dense amounts of NUTRIENTS because of it.

I know many people think they are gross. But once you get used to the texture they are a great source of protein, iron, calcium, and with 70 percent vitamin D, there’s nothing fishy about adding this to your diet.

Not to mention, they have little carbs and sugars.

Add some to your diet, and you’ll feel swimmingly for sure.

7. Beef

Carbs: 0 Sugar: 0

Red meat tends to have somewhat of a stigma these days. The best-known red meat is probably beef.

However, this tends to come from people who overcook the beef, or from people eating processed beef.

With overcooking, this isn’t to say you have to eat raw beef, but don’t cook it too high and burn it.

When EATEN IN MODERATION beef lacks carbs and sugar, and it has iron and vitamin B12.

Plus, there are many types of beef. Steaks, burgers, ground meat, the list goes on.

Despite what many health foodies say about beef… Don’t be too afraid to enjoy it every now and then. It may help you with your diet.

6. Broccoli

Carbs: 4 net carbs Sugar: 2

“Eat your broccoli!” If your parents ever told you this, you need to listen.

Broccoli is a vegetable that has few carbs and sugars. Instead, it has fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K. Vitamin K may help with insulin resistance as part of a healthy body.

Broccoli is great, whether you steam it or try it raw. Why not add some low-carb dipping sauces to it as well?

While broccoli used to be a hated vegetable when I was a child, more and more people are realizing that the NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS to adults and children alike are incredible…

So there you go...Your Mom was right! Just another excuse to eat more broccoli.

5. Certain Cheeses

Carbs and sugar: varies

Cheeses can be very good if you’re on a low carb and sugar diet.

They tend to contain protein, calcium, and other nutrients as well.

Of course, NOT ALL cheeses are created equal. (sorry cheddar)

Parmesan cheese is one of the best examples, having little carbs and lots of calcium.

Blue cheese, feta cheese, and goat cheese are also contenders.

Otherwise, if you look at the cheeses in the aisle, you may find quite a few that work well.  

4. Kidney Beans

Carbs: 11 net carbs Sugar: 3

Legumes are excellent for diabetes. In fact, we have an entire video about them on our diabetes smarts youtube channel, where they face off against whole grains.

However, are they good for a no-carb, no sugar diet?

Yes! Particularly kidney beans. Kidney beans have some carbs, but they are extremely HIGH in fiber.

They’re also low in sugars, too.

PACKED with protein, potassium, and other nutrients, kidney beans can keep you full and regulate your blood sugar levels.

Whether you eat them right out of the can, or you add them to a stew, you can’t go wrong with these beans!

Just don’t eat too many for obvious reasons!

3. Coconut

Carbs: 3 net carbs Sugar: 5

The meat of the coconut fruit is a POWERHOUSE in nutrition.

It can aid digestion and is packed with fiber, protein, manganese, and various other vitamins and minerals.

It is high in fat, so just like an avocado, be mindful of how much of it you’re eating.

You can pick it up in various forms at your local grocery store.

2. Spinach

Carbs: 0 Sugar: 0

This is yet another POWERHOUSE leafy green that is great in salads or eaten on its own.

Spinach has fiber, vitamin A, iron, and other great nutrients.

Not to mention, spinach has low carbs and sugar, and some fiber to make it even better!

It’s better raw, but it also makes for a great topping. Put it on top of a cauliflower pizza and bake it.

While it won’t make you grow big arms like Popeye, (That’s how my mom got me to eat is as a kid)

Spinach is great for you. It helps keep your immune system at optimum levels. So eat up!

1. Olive Oil

Carbs: 0 Nutrition: 0

Finally, we have olive oil.  

While most oils should be eaten sparingly, olive oil has some surprising benefits.

Many folks from Sardinia say this is the KEY to them living healthy for so long…

It contains healthy monosaturated fats, which can help fight against diabetes.

Olive oil can also reduce the risk of heart disease, some cancers, and may help with digestion, too.

For those who are wondering whether to choose between extra virgin or regular olive oil, let’s explain the difference.

Extra virgin is created from cold-pressed olives. Meanwhile, regular olive oil is blended.

Regular olive oil is good for cooking, while cold-pressed extra virgin is great for drizzling.

Having both can be beneficial to you.

Also, I’ll slip in another one here:   Coconut oil is another beneficial oil. It’s versatile as well and may offer similar benefits as olive oil.

Just make sure to get rid of the canola and veggie oils  - those are like poison for your body.


While these NUTRITIOUS SUPERFOODS will help keep your body fit, healthy, and strong, And will go a long way to countering your diabetes.

You will need more if you want to reverse diabetes for good.  This includes learning to naturally balance your blood sugar.

Luckily, I have put together an all-star team of Doctors, Nutritionists, and Diabetes researchers from all over the world who’ll help you do just that Plus, they’ll REVEAL...

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