Why You Should Stop Eating These Popular Foods (They Are Causing Weight Gain, Low Energy, Mental Fatigue, And Even Type 2 Diabetes)
By Judd Resnick – Diabetes Researcher and Author of the Diabetes Smarts Program

The FDA wants you to be fat and sick!!

YUP, These government-endorsed “healthy foods” are actually DESTROYING your digestive system, gut, and hormones…

They are making your metabolism weak, slow, and lazy.

And often, they are assisting you to ADD pound after pound of UNWANTED FAT to all those problem areas.

So if you want to LOSE WEIGHT...

And give yourself the BEST CHANCE to reverse type 2 diabetics then you won’t want to skip a single word of this article!

But, first a bit of a disclaimer…

In this list, we will look at ONLY popular foods that are perceived as mostly healthy

Some of these you should cut completely from your food plan. While others are okay to treat yourself now and then.

Also, Junk food like potato chips, soda, ice cream, pizza, and fries won’t be discussed. As we already know these foods have little or no nutritional value.

But these so-called healthy food options are not far behind them…

So let’s dive in…


Sorry bread lovers! 

If you’re diabetic (and even if you’re not) WHEAT IS YOUR ENEMY

This includes “whole wheat bread”. (There’s nothing essential to your body in wheat that you can’t get from other more nutritious sources)

Hang on…. What about fiber everyone is always saying I need plenty of that to stay healthy right?

Correct! Our bodies do need fiber…

But again there are tons of other ways to get your daily dose of fiber rather than from wheat.

Now, It may surprise you to find out that this “so-called healthy food option” is NOT your friend if you’re diabetic.

Wheat is dangerous for diabetics because of the carbohydrates it contains.

This carbohydrate is called Amylopectin-A. It is not found in any other food…

The big issue is the carbohydrate in wheat is PROVEN TO RAISE your blood sugar level through the roof.

And that spells trouble for folks living with diabetes …

In fact, Amylopectin-A raises your blood sugar higher than most carbohydrates.

Studies also show that wheat can boost your blood sugar higher and faster than even pure sugar!

So unknowingly you’re making yourself sicker!

On top of that, You can forget about losing any weight. (or keeping it off)

Because the wheat will negate all the other things you do to burn fat.

Plus, there is no new evidence that shows wheat speeds up the aging process!   And nobody wants that!

This occurs because of "glycation" in your body.

And substances that are called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGE’S for short)

These do some serious damage to your organs, your joints, and cause excess wrinkles…

This is why type 2 diabetics often age faster and look older than they really are…

However, this is not just reserved for people with diabetes… Everyone is at risk!

Hard to believe I know…

When I was first shown the science behind wheat and what it can do to my body… My jaw dropped…

Because as mentioned… For decades wheat's been sold as the “healthy choice”

It has been a staple of the American diet for centuries. But these days because of modern technology the creation process has changed…

And not in a good way…

it contains so many more additives that are bad for us.

Now I need to point out that wheat does have a few health benefits.

Yet you can get many of these same benefits from healthier sources like Vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Now of course you can eat a small amount of wheat if you choose.

But, you run the risk of boosting your blood sugar to a high that can be extremely dangerous to your long-term health.

White Potato

You may already have heard that potatoes aren’t a great option for diabetics – but why?

White potatoes are known to be vegetables with some of the HIGHEST simple sugar content.

One medium-sized potato contains about 37 grams of carbs, and a boiled potato can reach as high as 82 on the glycemic index.

Is it any wonder that a 2016 study found that women who regularly ate potatoes tend to have heightened blood pressure?

They are also a surefire way to pack on a bunch of extra weight…

Of course, the humble potato still contains plenty of nutrition, from potassium to antioxidants, to vitamins C and

B6. Plus, potato skins are a good source of fiber. In fact, pound for pound, or ounce for ounce, potato skins contain more nutrition than their starchy insides.

Potatoes are also considered to house possibly the highest quantity of starch in the veggie world.

But remember, most of this is RESISTANT STARCH – which aids in digestive health and won’t spike your blood sugar.

But is it worth it?

Personally, I think white potatoes can still have a place on your plate every now and then…

But when you do make sure it’s boiled or oven-baked without butter, oil, and the cheese toppings of course.

And limit the portion size… And you’ll want to make sure to eat the skins to take advantage of their high nutrient content.


Up next is the ultimate vegetarian food.

But what if tofu isn’t such a great meat alternative?

I have heard tofu labeled by many nutritionists as “empty Nutrition”

But the truth is that TOFU doesn’t make for a healthy gut.

Let’s take a quick look…

Tofu is made from coagulated soy milk, not whole soybeans.

This means that it’s missing a lot of the nutritional benefits of soy...

Including most of its natural fiber (a half-cup of firm tofu typically only has one gram of dietary fiber).

Also to the lack of fiber, tofu is also found wanting in other areas.

Compared to other fermented soy products like tempeh, natto, and miso. Which contain lactic acid or probiotics (both of which are known to promote healthy digestion).

Many experts also believe that the fermentation process DEACTIVATES the phytates . That prevents our bodies from absorbing the nutrients and minerals in soy…

With some studies showing a potential lion to greater cancer risk

Breakfast Drinks

That’s right, One of the foods you should be most wary of is actually a drink! Or, rather, a wide range of drinks.

You may want that shot of energy you’d expect from fruit juices, fruit smoothies, or bottled energy drinks

– but by now you’re probably aware that the energy boost is coming from their RIDICULOUSLY HIGH sugar contents.

And what goes up, must come down –

Meaning that the GLUCOSE SPIKES you’ll receive from these drinks will quickly cause you to CRASH. Leaving you feeling dehydrated, tired, and generally unhealthy.

Keeping these SYMPTOMS at bay is hard enough when you’re diabetic…

Natural fruit juice drinks, like orange, apple, and pineapple juices, may contain at least some amount of fiber.

But even the least processed varieties will still flood your system with glucose. 

Just 1 cup of orange juice supplies you over 20 grams of sugar, and only half a gram of fiber.

Store-bought fruit smoothies are maybe EVEN more unhealthy.

Packaged varieties actually tend to have much of their fiber content completely stripped.

While most doctors and nutritionists recommend consuming no more than a few servings of fruit per day...

Fruit smoothies tend to have multiple pieces of fruit condensed down to fit into the cup.

PLUS, fruit smoothies often contain high-sugar yogurt or other carb-heavy dairy ingredients.

But, Energy drinks could be the worst kind of breakfast for your body.

Not only are they filled with a variety of unhealthy chemical preservatives and a huge amount of processed sugars.

But they are packed with an overabundance of caffeine.

This may lead to INCREASED blood pressure and insomnia, which can place a dangerous amount of stress on your body.

Did you know that stress is one of the KEY RISK FACTORS for type 2 diabetes...

So perhaps it’s time to avoid drinking your breakfast. Stick to sugarless coffee or a range of healthy teas!


These days, corn is everywhere.

And not just on your cobb or in your popcorn bag.

They are packed FULL of High Fructose Corn Syrup. (basically Poison)

Beyond processed corn syrup, plain old corn is still among the vegetables that will give you a big carb load.

One ear of corn usually contains about 17 grams of carbs but only 2 and a half grams of fiber.

Like the potato It’s also considered to be one of the highest starch vegetables available.

Just 1 cup of corn kernels will give you over 25 grams of starch.

Doctors and nutritionists WARN against consuming an overabundance of starchy food. As eating too much can contribute to blood glucose spikes and weight gain.

So corn could lead to a blood sugar spike if you eat too much and you don’t pair it with quality protein or fiber to SLOW your body’s insulin response.

But as with some of the foods on this list… It is okay to eat and enjoy corn now and then.

Rice Cakes

MMM, delicious healthy rice cakes right?

Sadly 97% of the time NO.

Aggressively marketed as a healthy snack alternative...

These sweet snacks are packed full of our ENEMY once again…

Harmful fructose corn syrup sugar replacement…

Many of them say "honey flavored" But guess what?


There are a few varieties sold at specialty health food stores that DON’T have this fructose or any other sugar or additives…

But most of your supermarket varieties are food in disguise

Now to finish off there are also several other foods I could have put on this list that diabetics should try to avoid where possible…


  Balsamic, French, or any other Vinaigre Style Dressings.

  Veggie and canola oils (ticket to an early grave).

 Fruit-flavored yogurt (including the GREEK kind).

  Breakfast “protein” bars. (so much fake sugar!)

  Many cereals (often marketed as healthy)

  And of course ANYTHING “DIET” or LOW FAT. (Soda, Candy, Yogurt etc)

I could go on and on… But we will be here all day…

WARNING: You may not believe this but…

You should NEVER consider cutting sugar and carbs, while increasing fat intake, as a great long term way to fight or prevent diabetes.

Yes, it’s important to get rid of unproductive carbohydrates, refined sugars and processed foods...

...If you don’t you’ll suffer more insulin resistance and unstable blood readings.

However, this combination of limiting sugar, carbs, while increasing fat, is a bit of a trapdoor for diabetics.

It’s a TRAP because it will get you early results, that may make it feel like it’s working, and you may then grow to believe that all you need is the willpower to keep it up.

It gets some results because you are cutting out what your body doesn’t need, and you are giving it some good fats that it may be craving.

But it is only a partial solution

And people who follow this kind of regime still have long term problems associated with heart disease, liver damage, kidney problems and more…

...Not to mention, they are often left feeling very hungry.

A better alternative is to head to the next page where you’ll get access to the GOOD AND BAD when it comes to food and diabetes.

And learn the easiest way to balance your blood sugar naturally to manage and even reverse the symptoms of diabetes. This is exactly what Rachel Woodrow did. She is now DIABETES FREE. And has been off medication for over 2 years… 

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