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The Scientific Fat Loss Advanced Program

This Incredible Hormonal Fat Loss Secret will allow anyone of any age to shed at least 10% of unwanted body fat in just one month (... And Keep It Off Long-Term!)

The Full Scientific Fat-Loss System by Dr. Eric Wood contains fast, unique, and super-effective fat-loss tools. Here are a few of its many benefits:

  • Send your fat-burning mechanism into overdrive with the 'Hormonal Fat Burning SUPERCHARGE Method' simply by eating the EXACT foods your body is genetically wired to eat!These foods will trigger your body's most powerful fat-burning hormone, to burn off your stubborn body fat, and whittle your waistline down faster than ever!  Keep your fat-burning going on hyper-speed until you have the incredible figure you've always wanted!
  • Discover the shocking TRUTH about 'healthy' foods that actually DESTROY your body's ability to burn fat... These common foods make weight loss a total struggle, and it's a huge part of why fat-burning is so difficult for most people!Once you kick these so-called 'healthy' foods out of your diet, you will be AMAZED at how quickly that unwanted flab and cellulite disappears!
  • Utilize a little-known 'Belly Blaster' trick that SUPERCHARGES your body's ability to use your own body fat for fuel... When you use this little-known trick, your body starts to suck out unwanted fat and actually uses it to SPEED UP your metabolism, making you burn fat faster than ever…Plus, this makes long-term fat loss actually ENJOYABLE, because you get to deliberately enjoy generous portions of delicious, wholesome foods and know that your body is using those foods to quickly burn away your most stubborn belly fat!
  • Discover the 'Reverse Taper Method' to creating a RIDICULOUSLY efficient fat-burning metabolism, so your body AUTOMATICALLY burns fat around the clock... Learn the proven medical science behind why CARDIO and EXERCISE are truly not necessary to burn fat…Yes, here's how to get a ridiculously slim waistline for life, without EVER picking up a single dumbbell or lacing up your running shoes… (And best of all, it's all 100% backed up by rock-solid SCIENCE!)
  • Get the 'Stress Buster Tool Kit', to relieve food guilt, emotional eating, and general life stress… Are you an emotional eater? Do you eat when you're stressed out, and then feel guilty afterwards?This is a problem that so many women face... but with my Stress Buster tool kit, you'll now find it easy to manage your stress and banish food guilt (you'll be amazed at how GOOD it feels to be free from emotional food hang-ups!)
  • Discover the 33+ additives hiding in your food that are really SUGARS! PLUS the truth about artificial sweeteners! (Yup, these nasties are hiding in your food and filling out your waistline, without you even realizing it...)In Scientific Fat Loss you will learn which of these food additives are really sugars in disguise, that are sabotaging your weight loss! (PLUS what you can replace them with, so you can still eat delicious foods while effortlessly slicing your sugar intake in half!)
  • Find out how to relieve excessive bloating, gas, pain & discomfort forever with the 'Gut Rejuvenation' method... Is your aching or bloated gut constantly causing you discomfort or embarrassment?Say goodbye to excessive bloating and gas forever with my Gut Rejuvenation method, which quickly gets your digestive system back into optimal health… So that you can enjoy the benefits of a flat, bloat-free tummy!
  • You'll get the Ultimate Fat Burning 'Cheat System'... which allows you to strategically HONOR your body's cravings, without regaining body fat! With this revolutionary fat-loss program, you will get ALL of this...And so much more!

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Super Bonus #1
Premium Lifetime Access To The VIP Fat-Loss Recipe Vault

Do you want EXCLUSIVE premium access to the world's best VIP fat-loss recipe vault that will make cooking delicious weight-loss recipes ridiculously EASY and FUN?

With this Exclusive Lifetime VIP access, you'll get hundreds of premium fat-loss recipes, special tips, and exclusive interviews with fat-loss experts...

Each recipe has been tried and tested for maximum taste, ease, and fat-burning potential. And not only that, the recipes also come with its very own step-by-step how-to cooking video, showing one of our staff members cooking each meal from scratch right along with you...

So if you're in the mood for a private cooking lesson, you can simply prop up your laptop, tablet, or phone right in the kitchen, and just follow along!

Your lifetime access to the VIP recipe vault can all be yours for FREE with your order of Scientific Fat Loss! (That's unbeatable value!)

Super Bonus #2
Secrets Of Eternal Youth: Exclusive 1 Hour Video Recording (Plus Transcript)

Want to slow down aging? If you act now, you'll get the Secrets of Eternal Youth anti-aging video...

Learn the top 3 anti-aging secrets and discover how to rewind signs of aging, heal your body from inside out, and make yourself look and feel 10 years younger…(Dr. Wood’s clients usually pay up to $500 per hour for these secrets).

If you act now, you’ll receive exclusive footage + transcript that will totally fast track your weight-loss and anti-aging goals!

Strip years from your face and body WITHOUT taking any weird 'pills' or 'potions'... This is hardcore proven medical science that actually WORKS!

Super Bonus #3
EXCLUSIVE Metabolic Boosting Secrets Video Collection

Receive the full collection of bite-sized fat-loss videos, with special tips and easy tools you can implement to boost your fat-burning potential by up to 80%.

These videos will give you a unique metabolic edge when it comes to your personal fat loss journey because it's like having Dr.Wood right there in the room with you, answering questions and fixing your problem areas one-on-one...

These tools are reserved exclusively for private clients, who pay up to $500 an hour… Yet, by joining today, you're getting the entire collection with your access to Scientific Fat Loss... FREE!

Super Bonus #4
The 12 Week Paleo Transition Guide

Did you know that your LIVER might be a huge part of your weight-loss problem?

It's true, chemicals and sugars in processed foods (even the 'healthy' ones), can clog your liver and drag your weight-loss to a grinding halt... Even if you're doing EVERYTHING else perfectly!

With this 12-week paleo transition guide, you can wash away all the junk and garbage that your body's holding onto internally, and give your fat-burning metabolism a MASSIVE kick in the butt...

And, this isn't some painful 'juice cleanse' detox or any of that garbage... This detox is actually FUN, EASY, and takes all of the HARD WORK out for you...

Fully complete and detailed, you will get week-by-week, day-by-day meal plans, and shopping lists, so you always know EXACTLY what to do... making your transition to a healthy lifestyle super easy!

Plus, this ultimate transition guide comes powered with an entire juicy bag of weight-loss maximizing tricks, including the best PSYCHOLOGICAL weight-loss tricks (so you can EMOTIONALLY-ARM yourself against the typical 'weight loss sabotage' that people without support often experience...)

And the best part?

ALL of the foods in this detox (including the mouth-watering desserts), are specifically designed to increase your fat-burning metabolism powerfully and prepare you for an EFFORTLESS transition to a leaner and healthier body…

So as you rid your body of harmful toxins and melt away pounds of FAT, you can still be enjoying HUGE portions of sweet, chocolatey dessert... How awesome is that?

Super Bonus #5
Think Weight Away Weight Loss Hypnosis Course

Is a mental barrier holding you back from getting the body you want?

Use this comprehensive 6-part Self Hypnosis audio program to reprogram your mind to lose weight 'unconsciously' and without effort.

This is a UNIQUE formula that will skyrocket your success...

Discover the 6 Easy Steps to making yourself psychologically ENJOY losing weight. With no mental barriers holding you back, you can achievable INCREDIBLE weight-loss results!

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Premium Lifetime Access To The VIP Fat-Loss Recipe Vault - INCLUDED
Secrets Of Eternal Youth - INCLUDED
Metabolic Boosting Secrets - INCLUDED
The 12 Week Paleo Transition Guide - INCLUDED
Think Weight Away - INCLUDED
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