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Diabetes Smarts
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Experts Featured In Diabetes Smarts…

Dr. Jean Lawrence
Research Scientist
Dr. Corinna Koebnick
Research Scientist
Dr. Mitchell Geffner
Pediatric Endocrinologist
Dr. Merri Pendergrass
Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Specialist
Dr. Jim Mann
Dr. Susan Guzman
Diabetes Psychologist
Dr. Catherine Heinlein
Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator
Dr. Rinki Murphy
Specialist Diabetes Physician
Ronnie Fisher
Chef and Certified Personal Trainer
Dr. Mark Wheeler
Pediatric Endocrinologist
Vandana Sheth
Dr. Peter Shepherd
Professor of Cellular Signalling
Ari Whitten
Fat Loss and Nutrition Expert
Dougal McKenzie
Personal Trainer and Owner of Knockout Fitness
Megan Kimble
Author and Editor of Edible Baja Arizona Magazine
Christopher Rhodes
Pharmaceutical Technologist
Dr. Jennifer Lamoureux
Lauren Kanzler CCN
Clinical Nutritionist
Izabella Wentz
Thyroid Pharmacist, Author
Lisa Lewtan
Holistic Health Practitioner
Leanne Ely
Certified Nutritionist, Author
Summer Bock
Holistic Health Coach
Jessica Moulds
Registered Dietitian
Mark Webster
Naturopathic Pharmacist
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