My name is Judd Resnick...

And in 90 seconds from now, I’m going to show you the all-natural ways to attack the root cause of diabetes.

Along with the Three SUPER HERBS
you should add to your meals to help fight and prevent diabetes.

For years, doctors believed that Type II Diabetes could only get worse with time…

And that it could only be managed by medication.

But now, we know that it is possible to improve to the point that your doctor may no longer classify you as “diabetic”.

Even Type I Diabetics have been able to manage their condition to the point where they are healthier than the average non-diabetic in their age group.

And pre-diabetics are able to avoid becoming diabetic altogether...

But, it’s really important that you are well aware that until now, you haven’t been given the full picture about what REALLY  works in the fight against Diabetes.

In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that the system is rigged against you.

But first, you may be thinking to yourself...

I’ve tried everything to manage my Diabetes. I’ve given it my all. I’ve lost weight, taken pills, and even changed my diet. I don’t know, but nothing changes. I haven’t got rid of it; that’s for sure!

Well, let me stop you right there because you are in for a surprise.

Because the method I’m talking about is NOT some magical diabetes destroying pill or potion.

It has nothing to do with extreme diets that last months and make you feel like a prisoner in your own body...

It won’t stop you from enjoying many of the foods that you LOVE…

It has nothing to do with spending hours in the gym to keep your weight in check…

In fact, this method dates back to ancient Greece.…

Yet, nobody is talking about it.

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 1.6 million deaths are directly linked to Diabetes.

What's scary is the rate is accelerating!

Add to that the concerns over COVID 19 which has sent thousands of diabetics of all ages to an early grave.

NHS England reported that 31.3% of the people who have died in the hospital in England following a diagnosis of Coronavirus also had Diabetes Type 2.

That makes Type 2 diabetics 500% more likely to die of Coronavirus than the regular population.

Also, Type I diabetics are 300% more likely­ to die of it than the regular population.

Many of these people were in the prime of their lives…

Left exposed like sitting ducks…

As you are about to discover, the real tragedy is that there’s so much you can do to AVOID this grizzly outcome.

You deserve to know the truth.
Why Do I Care So Much About Your Health?

It all started one night about 20 years ago.

I found him. Thrashing on his bed, convulsing, mumbling incoherently…

I tried to wake him up, but he wouldn’t respond…

His name was Ryan.

He was my college roommate.

And he was having a diabetic attack.

Ryan, a type 1 diabetic, had warned me that he was prone to hypoglycemic diabetic attacks

I screamed out loud, “C’mon Judd – Get it together. You  know what to do.”

In that instant, a wave of adrenalin swept through my body.

I sprinted over to the fridge, and fumbled around until I found his Glucagon.

I ran back to his bed, almost tripped over a chair, and his symptoms had worsened…

The color had run out of his face…

I jabbed him with the injection in his upper arm and prayed this would save his life…

I grabbed the phone and thumbed 911.

I sat on the corner of his bed, telling Ryan to hang in there…

The out of control jerking had stopped but he looked lifeless…

I checked his pulse, it was faint…

It felt like an age waiting for the paramedics to arrive, but it was probably a little more than a few minutes…

To my relief, they came rushing into the room and quickly went to work on him.

I stood back watching, hopeful my good buddy would get through this.

They took Ryan away in an ambulance…

While he was riding to the hospital, my mind was consumed…

Was I quick enough to act?

Did I do everything I could?

Fortunately, he survived...

He spent FOUR days in the hospital, recovering and slowly getting back to his old self.

Why Am I Telling You This?

Because that traumatic night has stuck with me to this day…

Seeing him nearly die from diabetes was a huge wake up call.

But it didn’t stop there.

Over the years that followed I saw other people I know, get diagnosed as diabetic, and some as prediabetic.

And the moment it really hit home the most and made it personal was when… my own father received his diagnosis…

He was pre-diabetic and in immediate danger of becoming full-blown type 2 Diabetic.

That diagnosis floored me, and it is a huge reason why I have dedicated the past several years of my life to uncovering the TRUTH about diabetes

The truth that has been hidden from you by Big Pharma Companies who hold the power and your health in their hands…

Over the course of my research I found that the most common advice people receive is to simply take your meds, eat less sugar and exercise more.

But, as it turns out, this is vague advice that may be sending you to an early grave...

...or causing your kidneys to fail for putting you at greater risk of heart disease and strokes.

It infuriates me just writing this because so many good people’s lives have been DESTROYED by this damning disease that, for many, can be easily preventable.

I even recently met a man who got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in his mid 30s.

That was an eye-opener as I thought you had to be born with it. Turns out 5.6% of new diabetics actually contract type I.

Unfortunately, if you don’t do anything to fight the root cause, the complications from Diabetes can get out of control.

Nerve damage is common, that's why you hear those nightmare stories about people having legs and feet amputated.

Some people have even gone blind from diabetes...

And a very common complication, that has affected millions of diabetics worldwide, is heart disease.

And it is these stories that lit a fire in my belly to expose the truth.

Coming up, I’ll introduce you to an elite team of over 50 Doctors, Nutritionists and other Diabetes Experts…

You’ve probably never heard about who have discovered a “proven scientific method” that targets the root cause of Type II  Diabetes...

It’s not what you might think…

And it takes into account you feeling unwell, and being low on energy…

Making your success, safe and doable with little sacrifice or willpower.

This method is also highly effective for people looking to live with and manage, Type I diabetes better...

...and is great for people looking to fight prediabetes too.

During the past three years, I have been traveling the globe in search of real answers…

On my journey, I met in person with a lot of people who had gone from being on Diabetes Medication…

…to become healthier than people who don’t have Diabetes at all.

So healthy, in fact, that from that point onwards, they didn’t need ANY medication at all.

Some of these people have experienced stunning weight loss transformations as well.

People like Rachel, who discovered the REAL 7 Steps To Balance Blood Sugar Levels without going hungry and without giving up her favorite foods…

By making crucial food swaps, adding key nutrients through food, and making the 3 “super-herbs” I’m about to show you part of her daily consumption…

Rachel shocked her doctors!

Her clothing sizes kept dropping, she lost an incredible 86 pounds! Her energy levels shot up, she felt fuller than before, with fewer cravings…

And her readings moved to a point where she was no longer considered a Type II Diabetic.

During this time, she left her doctors gobsmacked when she got pregnant.

All this after they had previously said it was impossible!

She now has a beautiful daughter who lights up her life!

Other incredible success stories include Sandra, who had tipped the scales at 230 pounds until she dropped over 50 lbs.

With only a slight tweak to her lifestyle her blood sugar levels were finally balanced

And Michael, who melted away 41 lbs of belly fat by adding a powerful and tasty veggie and spice-based smoothie to his daily routine

Or Andrea, who used delicious food swaps and lost 33 lbs of unhealthy fat from her hips, thighs and butt in a few short months…

Their results have baffled many medical doctors.

Because the method is so simple to apply and it starts working right away.

And if you’re Type 1 Diabetic , there are powerful ways to manage and live with diabetes in the optimal way possible.

What I’m about to say next will shock you as it did me.

See, the secret reason why Diabetes is exploding around the world with no let-up in sight is that you’ve been lied to.

You’ve been lied to by an organization you should be able to trust…

See, to grow profits, these pharmaceutical companies need people to continue to get sick and buy their drugs each year.

If they were to show you how to prevent many illnesses, or heaven forbid, find a solution and use it on their patients...

Those massive profits would disappear overnight.

Shareholders of pharmaceutical companies expect big profits…

If board members don’t deliver, they don’t get their bonuses and can potentially lose their position…

That’s why it’s increasingly rare to find a Big Pharma company that ‘does the right thing’...

Most of the pharmaceutical industry really only has one goal...

Can you guess what it is?

It’s To Make You A Lifelong Customer And Watch The Profit Roll In By The BILLIONS, Over And Over…

Lining their pockets with your hard-earned cash…

To put it plainly, YOU are a commodity.

A potential lifetime customer of Big Pharma...

A  cash cow that contributes to eye-watering profits, to the tune of 50 billion dollars each year.

And that’s for diabetic medications alone…

It’s disgusting…

The longer you’re sick, the more money these companies make.

In other words, preventing and curing Diabetes would actually slash their profits and destroy many businesses.

So offering you an alternative is a LONG way from becoming an option.

If a scientist was to come up with the cure for diabetes it might never even see the shelves…

Or at the very least, it could take YEARS and possibly DECADES to get past all the internal politics and potential corruption that could severely impede its progress.

So, that's why so many of our experts believe that looking for the solution was NEVER really their main plan.

Whatsmore, during my research…

I also discovered that many studies about diabetes medication and fighting diabetes turned out to be studies sponsored by Pharmaceutical companies and the food industry.

So, outrageously, the  results were in line with what they want YOU TO BELIEVE...

The Entire System is RIGGED against YOU.

Yet, the hidden TRUTH is that it’s possible to reduce your need for medication and many doctors KNOW this.

So why don’t these doctors tell you there is a better way?

For 2 SHOCKING Reasons…

First... Most private practice doctors get marketed to by the reps from the big pharmaceutical companies.

These reps earn huge commissions and often give Doctors little gifts, complimentary meals and other things to build that relationship they have with them.

Sometimes they get offered payment just to listen to a 15 to 20 minute speech from a drug rep.

Now, this is not the same as accepting a bribe for making the prescriptions

but it can go a long way towards influencing their decision-making in the future.

And yes, on occasion it goes a lot further...

Though I do believe that most doctors are honorable and are not accepting larger bribes when they get offered to them.

OK, the second reason is even more common

Unfortunately, a lot of the continuing education of doctors is sponsored by drug companies

And as a result, That education may be titled towards all the positive benefits of these drugs.

And less slanted towards preventing the root cause.

So, by offering you another natural option...

They are going against the majority of what they are being taught at these conferences.

But What About The Medication Themselves?

Recent statistics released from the American Diabetes Association show that Diabetic medication merely controls the symptoms of Diabetes and that this medication proves to be less and less effective in the long term!

Shockingly some common medications have been found to actually make diabetes WORSE in the long-run...

Often to the point of no return…

With side effects that are linked to many other conditions that may cut your life short.

And yet, these global pharma outfits continue to recommend increasing dosages of medications that only treat the symptoms and not the ROOT CAUSE.

So as a result, most diabetics need to take MORE medications down the road than they would otherwise need to take.

Their immune systems are compromised…

Leaving them exposed and at greater risk of sickness.

They are less healthy, less happy and less energetic than they should be.

Many are living shorter lives than they otherwise should and they’re not getting any healthier.

They are actually slowly degenerating.

Yet, You Need To Know That There Can Be Alternatives

Natural alternatives that have allowed countless others....

To wean themselves off medication over time, restoring their health and reducing the risk of becoming just another statistic using this potentially life saving method…

Heck, even if you don’t have Diabetes, then this could add YEARS of good health to your life.

But, now the big question is, how do you do it?

Well, it’s really simple, and here is where you can start as promised...

With THREE magical diabetes fighting spices that you should add to everything you eat.

So, who should be the first to join our League of Herb Heroes?
The Superman of Spices has got to be GARLIC.

You may have heard that garlic is healthy for you but did you know that this savory herb can lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes?

It's true!

The vitamins contained within garlic, specifically vitamin C and vitamin B-6, can help reduce cholesterol levels, decrease blood pressure, and even fight cancer cell growth.

And multiple studies have shown that type 2 diabetics who consume about 1 clove of garlic per day have experienced a significant lowering of their fasting glucose levels.

Next up is Turmeric.

This is the spice considered by many researchers to supply the widest array of health benefits.

This mild-flavored spice has been used in cooking and as a medicine in India for centuries.

Turmeric's main ingredient is the bioactive compound CURCUMIN, a super-strength antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.

Research has shown that the curcumin found within turmeric can work to decrease the amount of glucose in your blood, stabilizing blood sugar and helping prevent diabetes type 2.

The final member of our Diabetes fighting team is Ginger.

Ginger's main bioactive component -gingerols may give this slightly spicy herb amazing anti-diabetes properties.

From helping your muscles better utilize glucose, to reduce A1c and fasting blood sugar levels, to help your body produce insulin.

Studies have shown that eating 2 grams of ginger powder per day can lower fasting glucose levels by 12%.

As you may realize, reversing diabetes is not about ONE single thing.

These THREE Power Herbs Are Just A Small, Yet Vital Part Of A Potent Diabetes Fighting Puzzle

Each with their own specific role to play and here’s where you really need to pay attention.

Here’s comes the key secret to turning the tables on diabetes.

Warning! Without the following piece of the puzzle, you will not be able to attack the root cause of diabetes in an all-natural way.

Look, if you want to first overpower diabetes and, second - stop it from coming back…

You need a system that removes all the confusion, all the frustration, and all the heartache from the equation…

You need a system that RECOGNIZES the signs, and PREVENTS life-threatening symptoms caused by unstable blood sugar.

You Have The Right To Know How To OVERTURN This Killer Condition

That leaves you a shadow of your former healthy self.

Today you get a choice. A solution that focuses on LONG-TERM wellness.

I’ve put together a full panel of the world’s leading Doctors and Diabetes experts, who are breaking new ground in the fight against diabetes.

Today, you can join thousands of other men and women who are already using a treasure trove of discoveries made by this select panel of medical revolutionaries...

...and PROVING beyond doubt there is a better way to manage and, in many cases, reverse type 2 and pre-diabetes.

These diabetes experts have made discoveries that many medical professionals have overlooked.

They’ve also uncovered misleading ‘truths’ that the food industry has used to ensure people become ‘addicted’ to consuming their products.

Including unhealthy foods and beverages that are marketed to us as ‘healthy’...

These breakthroughs have led to many positive outcomes for Diabetics.

For both their long term health and well being, while saving them a boat load of cash in the process…

They’re not interested in seeing you become over-reliant on expensive prescription drugs.

Instead, this robust method, endorsed and practiced in the REAL WORLD by these premier physicians, researchers and nutritional pioneers works with your body to attack inflammation...

Taking the strain off your insulin-producing cells...

So your body regains the ability to normalize AND balance its blood sugar for good.

What Scares Me Most Is That I’ve Known Things To Get Rapidly Worse Over Time For People With Diabetes

I couldn’t sit back and watch, I had to do something...

As I researched, I found there was no easy-to-watch Documentary Series that explained all this stuff to me.

There was no book written in a language that was easy to follow. I couldn’t find it, so I built it.

Finally, there’s a breakthrough step-by-step diabetes approach

Structured around balanced blood sugar. 

Designed to deliver you the most progressive, proven, and results-driven diabetes-fighting experience possible. 

WITHOUT all the sacrifice that you may expect.

I have organized all these never-before-seen SCIENCE BACKED unmatched diabetes FIGHTING secrets Into a simple DONE-FOR-YOU program.

I’m so Proud To Introduce The Diabetes Smarts Program
The Ultimate Blood Sugar Balancing Program For Preventing, Fighting, And Managing Diabetes

Even if you have type 1 diabetes. You’ll reap significant health and lifestyle benefits from this revolutionary content.

The Diabetes Smarts Program includes...

7 Steps To Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

Here, you’ll discover crucial lifestyle habits that will rapidly improve your health and control your insulin levels.

You’ll finally break the cycle of erratic blood sugar and reach a healthy weight in the process.

The result? Boosted energy, improved sleep, higher feelings of happiness.

And these benefits are highly correlated with a much longer and healthier lifespan.

The program not only offers valuable knowledge. It also provides you with the tools needed to stay healthy for good.

Get Ready To Arm Yourself With The Knowledge To Make The Best Decisions And Fight The Root Cause Of Diabetes…

So imagine this, you’ve got more energy than ever before.

You’re no longer holding on to excess body weight, you are no longer over reliant on expensive prescription drug and you’re eating well.

You’re full and satisfied, without cravings and you’re healthier than before you got diabetes in the first place!

That’s what reversing Type 2 diabetes is all about. It’s not about returning to a time where you can go back to habits that caused it in the first place.

Lasting changes must be made.

It’s about managing it to the point that you can maintain healthy blood sugar readings...

...and are ultimately not showing signs of diabetes to the point where doctors have no option but to take you off medications…

Just like a non-diabetic, without over-reliance on expensive prescription drugs.

All while having more energy and living a lifestyle that you love.

Also, inside our Diabetes Smarts program, you’ll finally get the TRUTH about many of your favorite foods...

...and how popular so-called health food companies are deceiving you, and the health authorities are doing nothing to stop them.

I’ll introduce you to Nutritional expert and professional athlete Jessica Moulds.

Jessica will walk you through the secret behind pairing the right combinations of foods to maximize your insulin response and the critical role this plays in your future health.

You’ll also meet other world leading diabetes experts Including Dr. Mitchell Geffner of the Los Angeles Children’s hospital., Professor Jim Mann, of the University of Otago and Dr. Rinki Murphy, of the University of Auckland, in New Zealand.

Plus, Chef Ronnie will show you how to create healthy, mouthwatering meals using our THREE super herbs...

Plus many more herbs research shows help combat diabetes.

Creating a League of Herby Heroes.

They'll give you a Superpowered-Punch of Nutrition and cost-effective meals that your family will LOVE!

And you don’t need to have “skills” in the kitchen. Anyone can put together these incredible “fuss free” meals.

Frankly, I could go on and on highlighting all the incredible content contained in the Diabetes Smarts program.

But by now, I can tell that you understand how valuable this really is.

With these expert insights in your hand, you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to push back against type 2 and pre-diabetes and treat the disease from the root cause rather than just controlling it or worse letting it control YOU.
These Methods Will Help Transform Your Lifestyle Into One That Naturally Balances Blood Sugar. Giving You The Best Chance To Reverse Your Diabetes For Good.

Let me quickly introduce you to some more people that have followed our Diabetes Smarts Program with fantastic results.

This is from Bob Grant….

After getting the dreaded call from my Doctor that my blood sugar was too high. After spending 1000+ hours researching, testing, and pulling my hair out trying to make sense of all the conflicting information out there I found it all right HERE!

I especially loved the recipes and how to enjoy the sweets I love without having my Blood Sugar spike. This is spot on, and super helpful. Anyone who has Diabetes, or prediabetes like I had, should see this right away.
Bob Grant

And this one from Carol Kearns who lives in Thailand

As a mother, it's always been hard to prepare meals that my kids will love, and at the same time, will not cause my blood sugar to spike. This comprehensive program is truly a must-have!
Carol Kearns

Look, can I guarantee you’ll have the exact same results as these guys?

Of course not.

Because not everyone will actually follow the steps I outlined in the program.

But, with that said, I can absolutely guarantee that if you follow the program, you will see results and there is every chance they can be even better than what you’ve seen...

You’ve landed on this page today for a reason.

Today I Invite You To Be Inspired, To Start The Journey To Becoming Diabetes Free

Whether you or a loved one is diabetic.

You’ll be protecting everyone you care about from this cruel and merciless condition that is cutting down good folks in their prime.

I want to set free as many people who choose to fight back, people who refuse to let this dreadful disease get the best of them and people who want to topple Diabetes once and for all.

This is EVERYTHING you need to know to prevent, fight and reverse type 2 and pre diabetes.

As mentioned, the information is also excellent for people who live with Type 1 diabetes, and want to live their best, most energetic life possible.

The reason it took me 3 years to produce this incredible program was that the experts I interviewed are among the most “in demand” and RESPECTED diabetes experts in the world today!

Their time is valuable and I’m glad that I was patient enough to make sure I could get to spend time with them and uncover the REAL truth about how to fight and prevent Diabetes.

Dr. Mitchell Geffner for example, shared incredible wisdom from his experience as a Pediatric Endocrinologist (that’s a Childhood Diabetes specialist)...

He has spent many years transforming children’s lives in Los Angeles, at L.A. Children's Hospital.

Dr. Corinna Koebnick and Jen Lawrence are a pair of diabetic researchers who have uncovered a proven link between blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

They have undertaken longitudinal studies that has garnered huge attention in diabetes research circles that can’t be ignored.

You’ll hear their best tips right here inside the Diabetes Smarts program.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Now, If you’re like most people, you’ve probably spent a bunch of your hard -earned cash week after week, month after month on medications.

And while I am NOT saying you should go off your medication, there IS a very real possibility that by following the Diabetes Smarts program and by treating the ROOT CAUSE... have a high chance of reducing the amount of medicine you need to take.

In many instances, this gets eventually reduced to not needing to take it at all.

Again, make sure to always check your readings with your Doctor.

They will tell you when you should or should not reduce your medication.

This information has the potential to add YEARS to your life while SAVING you tens of thousands of dollars in the years to come.

When we first decided to offer lifetime access to Diabetes Smarts, we originally priced it at $199.95.

And I'm sure you'll agree it’d be a deal at that price. When you consider everything we discussed in this VIP package.

Lifetime access to the Diabetes Smarts guide and the 8-part documentary series

Now, I’m sure you’ll agree this offer holds unbelievable value, and you’re ready to get started.

However, before you do...

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The complete Diabetes Smarts Package and the 6 value added Bonuses for a single secure payment of just $39.95.

Now, if you’re shocked because you’ve realized this small investment for the whole package, is now less than what many people with Diabetes spend on medications in a single week...

Then hold on to your hat because I’m not finished.

To make matters even easier for you to make the smart choice and join up right now with confidence.

To experience the incredible results starting today.

Like so many other people already have, I’d like to take things up a level and offer you my 60-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

Here’s How It Works

Click the Add To Cart button right now and get LIFETIME ACCESS to Diabetes Smarts TODAY....

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You’ll notice you have a library of information ready to make a difference in your life.

First, get comfortable and open the guide book: 7 Steps To Balanced Blood Sugar Levels - and read it from cover to cover then press play on Episode 1, and start watching…

Be sure to take notes as our experts reveal “their” secrets to preventing and reversing Diabetes.

Keep these notes close so you can start using them for yourself.

Once you’ve finished all 8 episodes, go through the remaining wealth of tips, techniques and delicious recipes contained inside your exclusive bonus material.

But Here’s The Bottom Line...

If you don’t feel like you received 10x more value for your membership than the price that you paid...

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This means that I’ve removed all the risk here you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

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There is no better time to conquer this to the tremendous benefit of your health.

Now, as promised…

If you join through this page today, you’ll also receive these EXCLUSIVE FREE bonus gifts!

Diabetes Cookbook

First up you’ll get the Chef Ronnie’s Diabetes Cookbook. Our in-house chef, Ronnie, has created this handy cookbook.

That includes over 25 simple, healthy, and balanced recipes. These are a delight for your pallet and perfect for every day.

The ingredients are effortless to find and you don’t need to be a master chef to throw these crowd-pleasing meals together with little prep required. 

Don’t be surprised if your family starts calling you Master Chef.

That Diabetes Documentary (FULL ACCESS)

In this 8 Episode, Diabetes-Destroying Series, I interviewed over 50 specialist Doctors, Nutritionists, and current and former diabetics from around the world.

Watch as they share eye-opening revelations about how Diabetes is REALLY fought and how the battle is won.

You’ll be able to take advantage of the incredible science-backed methods, natural food swaps, powerful diabetes fighting food pairings and other discoveries that will help you combat Diabetes…

You’ll get to hear directly from Doctors and Nutritionists who CRUSH the common MYTH that once a person with type 2 diabetes is prescribed insulin they can never reverse Diabetes or live without insulin again.

Yes, it’s technically true that medically speaking you can’t reverse type 2.

To the point that you can go back to the habits that caused you to get it in the first place.

That is not the goal of this program. The goal is to fight the root cause by shifting to a lifestyle that you’ll love without going hungry and without painful exercise.

You’ll hear directly from the source as former type 2 diabetics reveal all their secrets about how they have been successful in reversing their markers, so they are no longer considered Diabetic.

And you’ll meet type 1 diabetics and hear some incredible management techniques that are helping them live close to as normal life as possible.

You won’t find these secrets anywhere else and I guarantee you have never seen anything like this before.

That Diabetes Documentary Companion Guide

Your next Free Bonus is The That Diabetes Documentary Companion Guide

Each informative and eye-popping episode comes with a companion guide.

So you can quickly refer back to the many gold nuggets designed to help you combat diabetes.

Diabetes Shopping List

This next BONUS is a super convenient and time-saving tool.

It’s our special Diabetes Shopping List...

Next time you’re in the grocery store, pull out this pocket-size shopping list that makes shopping for the best nutritional options straightforward.

No more staring at the shelves, reading labels, wondering if what you’re buying is good or bad for you.

We straight up give you the list you need that contains over 60 healthy foods and ingredients. 

That makes sticking to a healthy eating plan and lifestyle a breeze.

The Silent Epidemic

Next, I can’t wait for you to see this exclusive gift.

It’s called The Silent Epidemic and it is all you need to know about Type 2 Diabetes...

Have you been sucked into these myths and misinformation surrounding the diabetes epidemic?

I know I had…

Using this concise and information-packed guide. 

We can finally understand the underlying factors that contribute to diabetes type 2.

90% of the world's diabetics are type 2. 

This gives you an almost 6th sense to learn to identify the signs and symptoms before they lead to dangerous complications AND exactly how to avoid them.

The Diabetic's Guide To Healthy and Delicious Food

Up next is something I know you’ll love because it is all about food.

Introducing The Diabetic's Guide To Healthy and Delicious Food...

Let’s face it, much healthy food that many dieticians recommend is tasteless, boring and doesn’t give you a meal to look forward to.

That’s why we give you a complete guide packed with delicious foods and appetizing treats that will have your pallet dancing with delight.

You shouldn’t have to go without the foods you love and from now on, you WON’T.

I want you to look forward to meal time so we have some unique and simple ways to make any healthy ingredient stand at attention so you and yours enjoy delicious and healthy meals.

Plus As An Exclusive Extra For The First 150 People Who Take Advantage Of This Offer Today…
Small Bites: Supplementary Videos For Diabetics

You’ll get instant online access to all the extra uncut footage we weren’t able to squeeze into the series that we call small bites.

These videos feature the stories of true heroes. 

The brave men and women who refused to let their health challenges get in the way of living life with joy and vitality.

They will show you how simple attacking diabetes is when you have Diabetes Smarts.

You’ll be inspired that this is something YOU CAN DO EASILY without a whole lot of effort...

...without spending extra cash on specialty food or suffering through crazy diets, or intense exercises that make you feel worse.

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Join us on this mission today and share this with the people you love.

Together, WE will make a difference.

Right now, you are staring at the fork in the road, two different paths that you can choose from.

Option 1

A road well-traveled; the accepted norm, the band-aid approach...

However, this road is cracked and broken. 

This is the same road that you’ve been on for years, and it leads you right back to the life that you have right now.

Living where you keep doing the same thing and continue to get the same results you’ve been getting.

Plus there’s the risk of losing a limb or an organ, or falling victim to one of the many diabetes-related illnesses that cut your life short.

It’s a nasty spiral downward.

The lower you go, the longer you leave it, the less likely you’ll be able to turn your life around. It won’t just fix itself.

Option 2

Brand-spanking NEW and ready for you to drive.

Friends commenting on how healthy you look…

You feel younger…

You’ve finally got energy to play with your kids or grandkids…

A road freshly paved for you with hundreds of hours of investigation...

And Expert analysis to create the most unique diabetes resources ever put together.

This is the only road we can guarantee that will not only take you on a journey of discovery...

But also gives you the best possible opportunity to change your life.

Are You Ready To Put This Fresh, Never Before Seen System To Work For You?

The choice is yours and yours alone.

Only YOU have the POWER to get the incredible results you NEED and DESERVE.

All you need to do is take the first step and ask yourself a simple question:

Without your health, what do you really have?

The cruel reality is that if you don’t sort this out NOW It could seriously destroy your health both mentally and physically in the years to come.

In fact, recent studies have proven that type 2 diabetes reduces life expectancy by more than 10 years, on average. 

But that’s just the ‘AVERAGE’...

Some folks are having 20+ years shaved off of their lives and are succumbing to diabetic complications such as heart disease, strokes, nerve damage, and more…

While some others, who have treated the root cause, are living full and healthy lives...

...and in many cases become healthier than the people who have never been diabetic in the first place!

I would hate to see you in a few weeks, months, or years still struggling and suffering from the same problem that is stopping you from living the life I know you want.

When there is a functioning, high percentage alternative available to you right now.

I don’t mean to sound dark, but – we only live once, and when you’re gone, you’re gone, right?

Why not make it the best, long, healthy life while you still can?

Don’t forget how time-sensitive this offer is.

If you act really fast and you get the unprecedented Diabetes Smarts Program with lifetime access!

Topped off with my risk-free, 100%, 60-day money-back guarantee.

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I genuinely hope that this is where you’ll decide things will change.

Everything you need to overcome Diabetes and ensure your best days are in front of you are right here,

And I truly mean it when I say I can’t wait to meet you in the member's area.

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