High Fat Foods That Are Great For Diabetics (They Balance Your Blood Sugar Naturally)
By Judd Resnick – Diabetes Researcher and Author of the Diabetes Smarts program

A lot of people think that getting diagnosed with diabetes is synonymous with saying goodbye to delicious high-fat foods and other tasty treats...

But, the truth of the matter is, It doesn’t have to be …

And in fact, the optimist would tell you that it lets you EXPLORE and TRY new foods that you would not have considered before...

Many of these foods I will show you have had somewhat of an unjustified bad reputation over the years...

But right here right now…

I can tell you these are Doctor recommended foods that are all ideal for LOWERING your blood sugar and BURNING stubborn thigh, hip and belly fat too.

6. Whole Organic Eggs

When it comes to breakfast foods, it’s fair to say that eggs are a staple in every house in the morning.

And the good news is, you DON’T have to give up eggs if you have diabetes as they’re packed full of nutrients.

One large egg has half a gram of carbs, which will do next to nothing to your blood sugar, as well as a high-fat content-- and it’s the GOOD KIND of fats.  

But the key is in how you cook them.  Obviously AVOID fried… But Hard boiled, Poached or scrambled are great ways to enjoy them!

5. Dark Chocolate

MMM my mouth is watering as I write this...

Chocolate aficionados, rejoice and grab that chocolate bar again!

Not only is eating chocolate OKAY when you’re diabetic, but...

It’s also encouraged to do so as it’s been proven that chocolate can increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar.

However, the trick is, you have to opt for dark chocolate as opposed to milk or white chocolate.

But rest assured this can be your GUILT FREE pleasure...

4. Nuts (a wide range to suit every pallet)

Now if you’re looking for something CRUNCHY AND SALTY to snack on, forget about chips and crackers as they’ll do you more harm than good.

Instead, try substituting those unhealthy snacks with healthier options that will satisfy your appetite-- and by healthier options, we’re talking about nuts.

The great thing about nuts is that there isn’t just one kind that’s good for diabetes; there are more than 10 options that you can choose from.

Don’t like the taste of almonds? Try walnuts.

Not a fan of walnuts?

You have cashews, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios, pine nuts, and chestnuts to choose from.

We guarantee that you’ll like at least one of them, if not the majority...

WINNING TIP: Large chain BULK stores like Costco sell these in bulk which helps keep the overall cost down... In fact, I recently noticed that Amazon are selling a wide variety

Life and shopping is getting far too comfortable!

SIDE NOTE: Attention peanut lovers! Sorry to break it to you but peanuts aren’t actually nuts, they are also not that healthy... So they’re not on our list today.

3. Avocados

Creamy ripe avocado and a runny poached egg on a hearty rye or ezekiel bread--

We've just told you the secret to happiness on a plate!

Avocados might have a high-fat content, but it’s the HEALTHY KIND OF FAT that people with diabetes can reap benefits from.

They have little effect on blood sugar so they WON’T cause those levels to spike. And in addition, they’re also high in fiber and contain vitamins and nutrients.

2. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is the mother of all healthy foods. People often underestimate the benefits that fatty fish have for countless diseases and not just diabetes.

Whether it’s salmon, sardines, herring, anchovies, or mackerel,

When you incorporate any of these fish into your meal on a regular basis, you’re literally doing yourself a favor.

The fat content in fatty fish PROTECTS the cells that line blood vessels,

Which DECREASES the risk of heart diseases and strokes...

And they also help in the REGULATE blood sugar levels.

1. Coconut Oil

Just like it’s necessary to find substitutes that are equally as delicious for everyday foods...

It’s also important to find healthy options for the foods you cook with-- and yes, we’re talking about oil.

Coconut oil is the ULTIMATE SUBSTITUTE for vegetable oil and butter, especially when baking and cooking in general.

Being rich in solid fat, it gives the body a hard time converting it to stored fat, so the body resorts to burning it off instead.

Coconut oil has also shown to be BENEFICIAL in reducing symptoms of diabetes and fighting insulin resistance.


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But Beware..

Even though you just discovered some SUPER HEALTHY foods…Crammed with heart-healthy essential fats... that incidentally also help WEIGHT LOSS AND FIGHT AGEING.

On the NEXT PAGE I’ll show you why many so-called “healthy foods” are actually having devastating consequences on your health and future wellness. 

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PLUS you’ll also learn the proven 7 steps to balance your blood sugar And if you’re type 2 this could allow you to become MEDICATION AND DIABETES free IN JUST A FEW WEEKS

PLUS you’ll also learn the proven 7 steps to balance your blood sugar And if you’re type 2 this could allow you to become medication and diabetes free

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