The Number ONE “Healthy Food” That Is The ENEMY OF DIABETICS
Diabetes is the fastest growing metabolic disease on the planet
Affecting millions worldwide and killing thousands daily.
When you suffer from diabetes your life is full of restrictions… […]
The 3 Worst Veggies For Diabetics
You can’t go wrong eating a plate full of veggies right? The trouble is while almost all vegetables are low in fat and calories (which is great news for your waistline)… They are also an important source of many nutrients... […]
5 Surprising Foods That Instantly Work To Lower Your Blood Sugar
It’s a known fact that there are many foods out there that raise your blood sugar to astronomical numbers. (even a bunch that claim to be “health foods” )However, on the opposite side of the spectrum,... […]
The Truth About Snacks
(And The 5 Best Snacks For Diabetics)
Learning you’re diabetic can be overwhelming. What can I eat?
What can’t I eat? Do I have to give up all delicious foods? And is snacking completely off limits?
Many nutritionists will say it is especially when you’re trying to lose those extra pounds… […]
The “Healthy Food” That Actually Makes Your Diabetes Worse
When you have diabetes there are many “danger foods” you likely already know to stay away from.
Most are obvious because they are known as high sugar and high-fat foods… you know candy, soda, processed food etc. […]
Top 14 Low Carb, Low Sugar Foods For Diabetics (Add These To Your Shopping List)
As the old saying goes “you are what you eat” I always took it for something your mom told you to get you to eat your veggies. It turns out your dear mother was right. And in more ways than one. […]
Does Intermittent Fasting Work For Diabetics?
I have noticed that more and more people are turning to intermittent fasting as a way to quickly shed all the stubborn body fat. You might have heard about it. It's one of the hottest weight loss trends going around right now.  […]
Why You Should Stop Eating These Popular Foods
The FDA wants you to be fat and sick!!
YUP, These government-endorsed “healthy foods” are actually destroying your digestive system, gut, and hormones… They are making your metabolism weak, slow, and lazy. […]
Eat These First Thing In The Morning If You Are Diabetic (Can Help Reverse Diabetes)
Just because you may have diabetes doesn’t mean you’re forever stuck shoving tasteless food for breakfast for the rest of your life. There are so many healthy and super delicious options to eat first thing in the morning […]
High Fat Foods That Are Great For Diabetics (They Balance Your Blood Sugar Naturally)
A lot of people think that getting diagnosed with diabetes is synonymous with saying goodbye to delicious high-fat foods and other tasty treats... But, the truth of the matter is, It doesn’t have to be. […]
The Truth About Rice And 5 Tasty Alternatives For Diabetics
It’s hard to get away from eating rice –  it’s a part of so many dishes. Rice is such a common part of the diets of billions of people around the world. With many eating it daily.  But is it that bad for you? […]
The Truth About Eggs!
Can They Really Help Balance Blood Sugar?
When it comes to “food controversy” nothing stirs the pot quite like the humble EGG. Decades ago we were told to up our consumption... Then we were told to STOP eating them completely because many health experts felt they were a ONE WAY TICKET to a heart attack. […]
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